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 The Southern Lovemans - II


saac Liebman and his wife Suve (?-?) Liebman were the other set of progenitors of the Southern Lovemans. They had at least two sons and two daughters. Only one of their children emigrated to the United States, but descendants of all of them became American.

Bernard Loveman (1800-1887) of Györke (Durkov), who, with his wife Esther Wirkman (?-1852) had six children. First was Isaac Liebman (1826-1869). Born in Durkov, he married Betty Kaufman (1836-1890). Neither of them left Hungary, but all of their six children did. Next was  Aron Liebman (?-?), also born in Durkov, who married Czilli Goldberger (?-?) and had six daughters with her. He then married Irma Weinberger (?-?) and had six more daughters and a son who died in childhood.  At least one of them, Hermina Liebman Leibovits (1891-1944), died in the Holocaust, together with her husband Eugen (?-1944) and son Bela Leibovits (1912-1944).

A third child was Adolf Bernard Loveman (1844-1916), founder of Loveman, Joseph & Loeb of Birmingham.


Left: Adolf Liebman's Austro-Hungarian passport, dated 7 Oct 1865. Click to enlarge.  Right: Adolf Bernard Loveman.

Bernard and Esther's three other children were Fannie Liebman (?-?), born in Durkov, who married Abraham Gluck (?-?) and had nine children, all in Kosice; Herman Liebman (?-1882), born in Györke;  and Estelle Mae Loveman (? - bef 1895), who married Emanuel Goodman, and whose daughter Mollie emigrated to the U.S. in about 1881.
  At left: Fannie Hirsch Vezdoon, and her mother, Mollie Goodman Hirsch, 1920s.

Mendel Meyer Liebman (1812-1888), also of Györke. Together with his wife Betti, or Blume (1827-?), he had 10 children. Several emigrated to the U.S., though neither Mendel nor his wife did. They were:

Adolph P. Loveman (1843-1935), a cotton merchant, who married Adassa Heilprin (1847-1921), daughter of Michael Heilprin (1823-1888?). They had five children, including editor Amy Loveman (1881-1955).


Herman P. Loveman (1850-1934), who married Louisa Black (1852-1927), daughter of Fanny Loveman (1841-1907) and Joseph Black (1837-1899) and hence a granddaughter of Bernhard Loveman (1808-1867). He was a cotton dealer and a department store executive; they lived in Cleveland and New York and had three children.

Herman P. Loveman Obituary, The New York Times, 13 Nov 1934. Click to enlarge.

Joseph Loveman (1851-?), who married Malvine Moskovics (1862-1941) in 1878 and had two sons in Hungary and two daughters in the United States. He was a dry goods buyer.

Pinkusz Liebman (1854-?), who was born in Durkov and married Dina Lichtenstein (?-?). No other records of them survive.

William Loveman (1857-1929), born in Durkov. He emigrated to Nashville and became a millinery merchant. He married Yetta Lansburger (1867-1946) in Nashville in 1889 and they had four daughters and a son.

Ignatz Liebman (1868-1940), who married Hani Fried (?-?). He was born in Durkov and died in Kosice. He is interred in the Kosice Jewish Cemetery.

Emanuel P. Loveman (1848-1945), known as Mendel. He emigrated to the U.S. and was a cotton merchant, married to Kath Masterson (?-?).

Letter dated 8 Jul 1887 written in Yiddish by Emanuel Liebman to his cousin, reporting on the death of his uncle Bernard Loveman in Györke.  Click to enlarge.

Rae Loveman (?-?), who married Marcus Gansl (?-?) and had five daughters, most of whom who settled in Nashville. They were Etta Gansl (?-?) , who married Bernard Klein (?-?); Julia Gansl (?-1970) , who married Albert Roth (?-?) and had two children; Fanny Gansl (1849-?), who married Morris Sonnenfield (1844 -1920) and had nine children with him, most of them Nashville-based; Zelda Gansl (?-?), who married Herman Wise (?-?) and had four daughters; and Rose Gansl (1856-1934), who married David Rosenberg (?-1902) in Hungary and had eight children, most or all of whom lived in the Nashville area.

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