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 Loveman Merchants - Chattanooga


avid Bernard Loveman (1844-1926) was the second son of Bernhard (1808-1867),  the first Liebman to make the trek to the United States, and his wife Bettie Newman (1818-1891). He was thus a grandson of David and Rosa Liebman. He emigrated to the United States with his family in 1853 and was with them in Michigan in 1860.

A business card from the firm of Friedman & Loveman of Atlanta, Georgia, ca. 1870.

After his father's death, he settled in Atlanta with his mother, brother and sister, and became a clothing merchant. Together with Bernhard Friedman (1836-1896), he set up the firm of Friedman and Loveman, and also belonged to William Rich & Company. In 1873 he married Eva Wolf (1853-1937) of Baltimore, and had three children, Bernard (1874-1941), Flora (1875-1957) and Rose (1877-1952).

In 1875, David left Atlanta for Chattanooga, where he and his brother Herman Herschel  formed D. B. Loveman and Bro., a dry goods concern. Two years later, with the addition of Ismar Noa , the company became D. B. Loveman & Company; by this time there were 25 employees.

David Bernard Loveman. Click to enlarge.

At left: D. B. Loveman and Company on Market St., Chattanooga, ca. 1893. Click to enlarge.

In 1879, the company moved into a two-story store on the west side of Market Street. In 1884 they purchased property at the southeast corner of Eighth and Market Streets, in what was described as “the most important single real estate transaction that had taken place” in Chattanooga up until that time.  Building commenced in 1885, and the city's first department store was constructed. It would become Chattanooga's largest department store, and remain so for just over a hundred years.

In December, 1890 the building was destroyed by fire, and the business suffered accordingly. David even declared bankruptcy, but business did not cease. Eventually the company regained its footing and prospered, and by 1917, it employed 300 people.

Market Street, Chattanooga, ca. 1909. Loveman's is visible on the right side of the street, in the foreground. Click to enlarge.

Loveman’s served the city of Chattanooga for most of the 20th century. It expanded and eventually became a five-store chain, including  Loveman's at the Eastgate Mall, which was established in 1965. In 1986, however, the chain, which had acquired considerable debt, was bought by Proffit's. By 1995, it had closed. Most recently, the building has been converted to luxury condominiums.

Loveman's Eastgate store was established in 1965 in the Chattanooga area's first regional shopping mall. It remained there until the late 1980s.

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